big, big basket


This time I followed a new pattern for the basket and I love it!

The yarn fot the basket must be quite thick so that it has some firmness.



A nice toy for a nice girl

 It may look so simple as a toy... but in fact it is one of her favourite toys! Probably due to its softness and size.


Happy birthday!!!!!

 Here it is!!!!! The rest of it, as I promised!!!!

Do you like it? I have to say we had two different parties, one for friends and the other one for family, so we had to make everything twice! (Not on the same day, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday). That's why you'll see that in one picture the tablecloth is white and blue and in some other pictures it is purple. 
 And here all the delicatessen...

 butter biscuits


 some chocolates

 some fruit

 everything so sweeeeeeeet!!!!

We had such a great time (so did our friends and family and of course our baby girl!!!!).




 Some butter cookies for a special day...


The photos are the worst ever but I don't have any other pictures so it will have to do!

I have been preparing the first birthday party for my daughter. Although I have never liked parties (especially for myself), I wanted to share this special moment with my friends and family, so I've been looking for inspiration in different webs and magazines and these cookies are just a part of the result.

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the next post to see the rest... ;)



Back home...

Ok... Here I am again... at last!!!!
One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2013 is to spend more time with you. I missed it a lot although I haven't managed to save some time for it.
Anyway, despite my messy life I've been quite busy with crochet, so I have some tings to show...

For a start..

 Three nice baskets I crocheted for my sister's birthday!!!

 As you can see, I made three different sizes.

See you soon! xxx